30 July 2009

The uses of proceeds from capital increase

No.IR52/002 28 July 2009 Subject : The uses of proceeds from capital increase Attention : Director and manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Jay Mart Public Company Limited (Company) raised capital by offering 60,000,000 common shares to the public, 7,500,000 common shares to directors, managements and employees and 7,500,000 common shares to patronages, which totaled 75,000,000 common shares at Baht 1.80 per share. The share booking period was during 17-18 June 2009. The Company receive Baht 135,000,000 (Baht one-hundred thirty five million only)from this share offering. The company would like to report the uses of proceeds from the share offering as of 30 June 2009 as follow. Unit:Baht Million Objectives Planned Actual usage Remaining amount during 22-30 June 2009 1.To repay short-term debt 100 100 - 2.To finance working capital 35 35 - for the Company's expansion. Total 135 135 - So the Company inform for your information. Yours sincerely, Mr. Sutee Tantivanichanon Chief Financial Officer